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Gerrad and Laurie not real names but real people developed an online relationship over a two-year period. Casual turned intimate, and intimate hot. After 24 months of mounting passion, they decided it was time to cross the digital divide and meet flesh-to-flesh.

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According to the World Health Organizationone in seven people experiences disabilities. Most people think of people with disabilities having physical disabilities including:. Yet, there are many other disabilities to consider.

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Well-placed mirrors can also help with this strategizing. Furniture around the house may also prove useful, like the use of a bed or chair as support for a sexual position involving kneeling on pillows. Sex furniture, like the Intimate Rideror blocks can also be used in helping a lover to assume good sex positions.

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Anyone who has been reading my blogs recently, as well as watching This Morning, listening to the radio or reading various newspapers who have interviewed me will know that I have strong feelings about the subject of disability and sex. However, I want disabled people to treated just like the rest of society so I am dead against this current push to create special crip friendly brothels and for disabled people to get free visits to sex workers on the state. In fact I would go so far as to say that these tips have allowed me to be the sexually confident person I am today. The piece outlines some of the techniques that I have used during sexual confidence workshops with people with spinal injury, but in the article I have applied the tips to the wider community.

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When you're physically disabled, sex can be a touchy subject. No matter what kind of disability you have, having a disability can sometimes make sex difficult physically and even emotionally. When I became physically disabled due to a rare, incurable bone disease, I found that my favorite, go-to sex position was no longer achievable.

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Sex is for every body — as long as the person you are being intimate with is a consenting adult. Representation is important because everyone is entitled to a healthy and fulfilling sex life. While some people with disabilities are asexual, the majority want and have sex.

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People with a disability are often seen as asexual, or even hyper-sexual. Here are the real facts about disability and sex. Talking about sex and sexuality is often seen as being off limits, and even more so when it concerns people with a disability.

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It could be said that sex is a topic to be discussed in the bedroom. Sex is all around us: on TV, in magazines, in music, in porn and other media. Representations of sexualities and bodies are everywhere but there are so many taboos around our real, messy sexual experiences. Not everyone fits those representations, in fact, hardly anyone does.

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There are a variety of products out there that can aid in sexual activity with people with disabilities. At Adult Lifestyle Centres we do our best to keep the majority of this stock on hand, as well as keeping on the lookout for new innovative products which can also assist people with disabilities. From here, there are generally considered to be two forms of sexual products which can provide assistance to individuals with disabilities.

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At The Pleasure Garden, we believe that everyone — regardless of gender, sexuality or disability — has a right to a fulfilling sex life, and access to the products and information to help them to achieve it. We exclusively stock body-safe sex toys and products that are high quality and available at a fair price. It can be challenging emotionally, as well as physically, if you struggle to communicate your needs and have them met. Sex toys can, therefore, be hugely powerful in helping anyone disabled to achieve the things they want from their sex lives.


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