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As the years have gone so has pubic hair for women. There was a time that I think is making a come back when women rocked bushes and it was all groovy baby. Now we all aim for the squeakiest, shiniest toy on the block.

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The 70s bush is coming back with a vengeance. Sex should be fun and comfortable, and two soft bushes make sure this happens! People have a funny relationship with body hair.

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There is a right way to approach the task of hair trimming and removal, and it differs for each body part. What is safe for one might be a hard pass for another. Shave here, trim there, and leave your forearm hair be.

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Almost two decades after the hairless Hollywood wax became the only acceptable state for the genitalia of women - and to a lesser extent men - is pubic hair finally making a comeback? It sparked an intense debate proving how controversial a few tendrils of hair can still be. And, as Vice recently reported, pubes are even back in porn, which has long been blamed for women having to go hairless in the first place. It's a change in attitudes that the founders of Fur, believed to be the first ever premium pubic hair grooming product, are betting on.

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No more ingrowns, better body confidence, and other full-bush health benefits. For years, the trendiest pubic hair style was a trimmed or bald bush. Here's why they've sworn off grooming for good.

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Sign up or log in to share. They couldn't show a penis, so they had tentacles instead. Personally I shave because it seems cleaner to me somehow.

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Let's get this straight: There's no wrong choice when it comes to removing your pubes or not. From Barbie-doll hairless to full bush as celebrities have candidly begun talking abouthow you groom down there is a purely personal decision. But if totally bare is what you're after, there's no denying that a Brazilian wax is the fastest, least bump-inducing way to smooth things out below the waist.

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Back in college, I did something called "No- Shave November. I decided to do that, too—except with all of my body hair. For a month, I stopped shaving—and I watched as my armpit hairleg hair, and pubic hair grew to its normal length. What surprised me the most wasn't the sheer amount of armpit hair I had though that was a shock —but how, well, normal having body hair started feeling after a while.

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At last our natural, pheromone-catching, abrasion, injury and pathogen-protecting locks can be celebrated rather than causing offence. I find shaving in general an utter chore so even removing the hair on the body parts that are on display happens on the rarest of occasions. My grandfather is from Burma and while the tanned skin and Cleopatra eyes skipped my genetic make-up, I inherited the full hairy gene.

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The bane of many a woman's existence. Sometimes, it's just easier to let it all grow out especially in the winter. Who's really looking? Even though it's fairly obvious that it's your call whether or not you want to rock a full-on bush or give yourself a Brazilian — or if you want to let your leg hair grow out free as the wind or if you'd rather keep your legs silky and smooth — it's always at least a little interesting to know what men think about it.


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