Mormon sex and the holy garment

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I know it's a question of personal interpretation, but it seems to be one about which there could be some interesting discussion. That being said, what do y'all think. When do you think it's appropriate to remove your temple garments, and why?

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Questions about these and other Church policies should be referred to the bishop. This chapter consists of four sections. Each section includes subtopics in alphabetical order:.

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Posted by: superman Date: May 26, AM. Mormonism and the Temple Garment Destroyed my Marriage. I've been a Mormon since birth, actively more off than on in my attendance at church thru out my life.

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To outsiders there is little more fascinating about the Mormon religion than the underwear that Mormon temple initiates are expected to wear day and night. All that time, the underwear questions were the first ones I got from people who found out I had been Mormon. A friend brought it up again last week at lunch.

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By Common Consent, a Mormon Blog. At one time they were made by members from patterns. The marks used to be cut rather than embroidered.

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The two-piece garments, worn every day by faithful Mormons beneath their clothing, represent covenants made by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For years, Mormon women have complained -- privately -- about the fit, fabric choices and quality of the garments. The new survey conducted by their church gives them hope that meaningful changes can be made to their most intimate apparel.

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Mormonism has long been a source of cultural fascination—and sometimes suspicion—in America. From Big Love, a TV series about a man and his many wives in a fringe sect in Utah, to Sister Wiveswhich is basically a reality-television version of the same show, depictions of the faith have often focused on sex. In part, that's driven by the history of polygamy in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: In the s, many male members started taking multiple wives, a practice that has been both outlawed and frowned upon by the U.

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Top definition. Magic underwear mormon garments are a two piece set of underwear, similar to a t-shirt and short long johns. They are usually white and the magic comes from masonic symbols embroidered onto the chest, navel and knee area. The symbols all come from Freemasonryand represent a masonic set square, masonic compasses and masonic level.

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And as perplexing as these elements can sometimes be to outsiders, one particular garment belonging to one particular religion had long been especially perplexing, even amusing, to non-believers. The Mormon temple garment, or garment of the holy priesthood, is worn under the clothes of adult members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints LDS virtually at all times and they consider it a sacred symbol of their personal commitment to God. Not only sacred but also extremely personal for believers, the temple garment had long been a mystery to non-members, those who even knew of its existence in the first place.

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Our seventeen-year-old son wanted to attend a movie that some of his friends had already seen. As parents, we have found it helpful to explain pornography to our children in simple gospel terms. We like to start with the dictionary. Latter-day Saints have a clear standard of modesty.


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